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Thank you for visiting my website. I am Kathy Sanderson, an intuitive energy healer who uses a range of healing modalities to heal you

When we have pain, illness or suffer from a condition this is created from a blockage in one of the 7 layers of our aura. An event, incident or trauma that has happened in the past, one you may not even remember or think that you have dealt with, has created this and this blockage is manifesting as the pain, condition or illness in your body. I will work with you to release these blocks to enable you to to be free.

What Our Customers Say...

From T Kelly

"I had the most amazing, wonderful session with Kathy, her accuracy is spot on and the experience was fascinating. I am absolutely impressed and highly recommend a session. Kathy is a very kind, caring lady who can help with healing whatever you need to be healed."  

From J Banford

"Had a session around 1 hour ago and already feeling the benefits. Kathy is very welcoming and helped me feel at ease, the whole process was a pleasure and fascinating."

From A Dyhouse

"A huge thank you to Kathy for my healing so far. I have certainly learnt things about myself during the sessions. Kathy is an amazing therapist, always makes you feel so welcome and and soon as you meet her you feel a calmness come over you, it's amazing." 

From C O'Connor

"I would like to share my experience with you all. I have had numerous TIAs, I have a failing heart, spondylitis and various other health problems. I had spent a week with what felt like butterfly wings touching every pain nerve inside my head, it felt like inside my head there was a buildup of pressure which left me feeling like my head was going to explode. I had to to keep squeezing my head to try and ease the pressure. I take over 30 tablets a day which includes morphine, gabapentin, amitriptyyline plus statins, bisoprolol and others. On Thursday Kathy Sanderson founder of Healing from Within came to my house to do some healing on me. Now I have had healing from Kathy before and she has had a 99% pass rate but in my mind I had already decided I needed to go hospital. NOTHING could stop my pain. Anyway Kathy started on the healing and I was surprised to feel a pulling sensation on the front right lobe of my head ( just by my temple which is where I had been squeezing to try and ease the pressure). At first I was a bit shocked cos Kathy told me she felt sick, I hadn't told her I had the most awful nausea, I was then asked how I felt and was happy to say my nausea had disappeared but the pressure was still in my head. Kathy then done another session and after about 5 minutes I got up and went in the kitchen to make a coffee and juice. Ended up making something to eat for the children and started to clean up, before this I was in to much pain to even brush my teeth. I personally want to shout a big THANK YOU to Kathy for the healing I received and I have been free from the pressure / pain ever since. I definitely will be using HEALING FROM WITHIN on a regular basis"

From S LaVey

" I've struggled with PCOS pain down my left side for the last four years to the point where I haven't wanted to leave my bed so it also seriously effected my mental health. After one session with Kathy I instantly felt lighter, less anxious and the pain had disappeared. It's been a couple of months now and the improvement in my health and general well being is astounding. I have more energy, I'm happier and the pain has subsided. I couldn't recommend Kathy enough. Her demeanour and energy is so calming and positive I felt completely comfortable in her presence. Thank you so much for changing my life!"

From R Healy 

"I have spent my life,(I am 67 now) feeling unworthy of love and affection and expecting the worst from every situation that I find myself in. After several sessions of Theata Healing with Kathy, getting to the root of these beliefs, which stem from mental abuse as a child, she helped me to get rid of these.I now feel so much better,happier,more confident and wish that I had done this years ago and saved myself so much mental anguish.Light Language Healing helps me with the pain from Arthritis which I have had for years and had 2 knee replacements. Whenever it is bad in my hip and back now, Kathy will use Light Language to remove the pain.Try it please, you will be so glad you did."

From Suzanne T

I brought my 10yr old daughter to see Kathy on the 28th Jan 2017. She is currently under the care of Birmingham Children's Hospital being treated for tricky asthma. After 4 admissions to hospital since November 2016, the most recent involving a stay in HDU. Kathy invited me to bring her for a treatment. I am open minded to alternative therapies but also a sceptic. I don't know a great deal about Theta other than it being about energy. My daughter was slightly perplexed but Kathy put her quickly at ease, explaining what she was doing at each part of the session. The immediate effect that was noted by my 10yr old was a loosening to the tightness in her chest. In fact she quite spontaneously took a deep breath inwards. Since she received treatment from Kathy she has had fewer episodes of tightness to her chest. Also she has been able to resume participation in her PE lessons at school. Obviously her asthma....which is still under investigation by the hospital...has not miraculously been 'cured'. However, her symptoms have been markedly reduced and her reliance upon reliever inhalers has been far less. I will be booking further treatment for my daughter with Kathy as I can see that there is benefit to it. Thank you Kathy