Are you stuck?

Do you feel that your life keeps going round in circles? 

Would you like to free yourself from this path forever? 

How would it feel if you knew that whatever situation you encountered, whether in your work or personal life, you could handle it? In fact not just handle it but turn every situation into an advantage for you! 

Do you long to be free of aches and pains or stress and anxiety? To create healthy relationships? To find your perfect job or to have a successful business? Would you like to remove the blocks to your financial happiness?

Would you like to free yourself so you are able to create the life you have always dreamed of?

So many of the things that limit us in our life are created by ourselves. either in this life time or our previous lives

The intuitive energy healing that I offer can help you to release these blocks and restrictions to enable you to reach your full potential. 

We will work together to discover the root causes of these blocks and restrictions and how they are affecting you in this lifetime. I connect to your bodys energy to find out what we need to do to meet your healing intention.The intuitive healing incorporates techniques from Forensic Healing, ThetaHealing, Reiki, Light Language and other healing modalities

All healing can be done in face to face sessions or during voice or video calls. Sessions cost £45 (if paying through Paypal please add fees)