7 January 2018 


Welcome everyone to 2018 and our first Newsletter

2017 has been a journey of discovery for me enabling me to begin my healing business. I now have a custom built space ‘The Healing Lodge’ to see my clients in and the setting and scenic views are beautiful and inspiring, no matter what the season. 

Throughout the year I have been assisting clients who have come to me with a range of either physical or emotional conditions. 

With all of the clients who have had sessions with me, those who were determined to end the cycles of pain have seen the best results. 

Listed below are just a couple of recent testimonies from clients I have worked with.

“I have been suffering with debilitating fibromyalgia and PTSD for over 8 years. After trying everything the NHS had to offer such as acupuncture, hydrotherapy, physiotherapy, psychologists and numerous other specialists with no success. No-one ever looked at me as a whole person. I felt rock bottom when I first went to see Kathy. After a few sessions I began to feel like the person I used to be before the onset of this life changing condition she has a great talent to intuitively pinpoint and resolve issues like physical pain as well as spiritual blocks. The experience has been truly enlightening” Emma 

“I also started seeing Kathy last year and I was stuck on what it was I needed. I knew I didn't want to go down the medical route as I tried it many times. My anxiety was through the roof and I desperately wanted to feel more myself. I can honestly say hand on my heart I've never felt so good! I feel at ease with everything, I am handling situation is much better and my husband and children are always telling me how much they love the new me. And I believe it's time to Kathys wonderful healing. I can't thank you enough I look forward to seeing you soon” Victoria

What 2018 holds for us all

2018 is a very exciting time for planet earth and all its inhabitants. It is the year of the divine feminine . It will build on the compassionate movements that began in 2017 and bring them to fruition. A time when emotions more thought of as feminine aspects will be seen. A more caring common consciousness, one where bullying will be tolerated less and less. 

It will become more frowned upon to judge someone because of their background or appearance or preferences. This will enable us to sow the seeds for a fairer system for all. 

Many more people will feel able to talk about living in a more compassionate and just society. Those who believe in the importance of unity; that we are stronger together than divided, compassion; that we should aid those around us who need assistance rather than blame them for their situation and healing; focusing on prevention, clean living and self care rather than lining the pockets of huge pharmaceutical companies will now be listened to in main stream consciousness. Greed, self absorption, ignorance and control will no longer be the main focus and drivers of society and people who live this way will find it very difficult to continue as they once were. 

I find this to be a very exciting time for humanity. 

How do you want 2018 to be for you? 

2018 is a great time to decide to be free of your negative life patterns. The emotions that keep you in the same situations, experiencing the same patterns over and over. Patterns such as hurt, when you allowed yourself to be hurt by someone so much that you now find it hard to trust anyone. However when you still have these trapped emotions you will keep attracting these situations back into your life no matter what defences you put up or create. This is because of the Law of Attraction. Whatever we give out to the universe it always sends us, so if we think all people will hurt us it will send us situations to show we are right. The Universe does not know good or bad just energy. Once we change our belief system the universe will send us situations to reflect our new beliefs. 2 7 January 2018 All pain whether physical or emotional is created by a situation or occurrence in this life or past lives. These occurrences creates blocks. The healing sessions with me will look at how these happened and work with you to remove these blocks so that you can live your life as you were meant to. Make 2018 your year. The year where you are finally free from pain. The year where you can finally so no without feeling guilty and the year where you finally discover your self worth. The time where you are able to enjoy going out and meeting new people knowing that you are just as deserving as they are. The time where you are able to finally know what you want to do with your life and have found direction. The time where you are able to jump out of bed and look forward to the new day. If this is you and you have made the decision to take back the control in your life contact me to book your first session on 07920000305 or via [email protected] We can work either in person or on a voice or video call. 

Let's make 2018 that great year it is destined to be for all of us  

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