Welcome to Healing From Within.

Welcome to Healing From Within

Its time to be the person you were meant to be!

Welcome to Healing From Within

Thank you for visiting my website.

I am Kathy Sanderson, a spiritual therapist using Forensic Healing and a Soul Realignment specialist.

I assist clients to discover the root cause of the issues that are affecting their life presently.

Whether this is pain, worry, sadness or an inability to let go of the past or to move forward with their life.

Together we rediscover what had been buried away for decades.

I provide a safe space for them to talk about the experience that they often haven't told anyone about and the client allows their feelings to be finally acknowledged.

I then perform the various healing pathways to allow the client to fully meet the intention of their healing

This is achieved using Forensic Healing either in person or via video call or by a Soul Realignment report and release.

Forensic Healing sessions are for adults, children and animals and Soul realignment can be used for adults, children, and for clearing homes, properties and work spaces.